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10 years on and I'm still enjoying modelling. With four adorable children 5 and under to feed - not forgetting a very hungry husband as well - making quick healthy tasty food means I can balance my work and home life....that's the plan anyway!! I'm happy to share my tried and tested favourite recipes with other parents. I hope you enjoy them as much as we do..... Love Gemma xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

Sunday, 24 October 2010

Leaf & Flower Fairies

This is so much fun even my husband Glen joined in! We started our day outside sweeping leafs and Merina as usual collects half the garden in a bucket, from which we all made flower leaf fairies! (not sure Glen will admit to it but his is quite good!) So get outside and have some autumn fun!

Whats Needed
  • Lots of leafs, twigs, seeds and the last remaining autumn flowers - everything autumn!
  • PVA Glue, paper and felt tips and a good imagination!


  1. I started by drawing a round head with a smile in the middle of the page and then gave it to Merina and (Glen) to paint the page with glue.
  2. Stick and arrange your leafs and flowers on the page to look like a fairy don't forget the wings!
  3. Draw the arms and legs after all the sticking is done! Enjoy, we all did!!

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  1. Please keep one for me for my office wall - it needs cheering up!